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Congratulations to all of the ImaNewDaddy Members: New Daddy Lamar and Amy & Baby Lamar, Jr. 7 lbs. 9 oz......New Daddy Kelvin and Melinda & Baby Kaeden 6lbs. 13 oz..New Daddy Jesse and Nicole & Baby Josiah 8 lbs. 3oz.. 

Work-Life Balance Equation?

You’re probably aware that more fathers than ever carry more of the load at home while they continue to build their professional careers. As reported in NFI’s most recent edition of Father Facts, the gap between the number of hours that mothers and fathers care for their children and do routine household chores has closed dramatically.

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The roles of DADDY have truly changed over the last few decades. The expectations of what it means to be a Daddy in 2013 have also changed. No longer is it assumed that Daddy gets to opt-out of changing diapers, get up for late night feedings, bathe the baby, or feed the baby; for most moms this is an expectation they have for us.

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In preparation of the Official Website Launch in June, a new promo was commissioned. There is already great buzz going on about the website, so we are excited to share this promo with our readers.

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wee_play_1When we use the term "I'm A New Daddy", it is not limited to becoming a new daddy for the first time, but rather this site is inclusive of all "NEW DADDY" experiences you may share with your child(ren) for a lifetime to come. Our community is here for daddies of every stage. You may be a NEW DADDY having just had your firstborn, or you may be a NEW DADDY to your 2nd or 3rd child. Better yet, you may be A NEW DADDY at potty training, a NEW DADDY in a blended family, a NEW DADDY of a stepchild, a NEW DADDY of a tween or preteen, or a NEW DADDY dealing with your kids beginning to date. Of course our greatest hope is that will be the resource for you even when you become a NEW DADDY giving advice to your son or daughter who is now a NEW DADDY or NEW MOMMY

Dads to Media: Stop Playing Us As Idiots

Prince William Talks About Being a New Daddy

Prince William Could be Any New Daddy
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